Carrie Morrison's music will break your heart - in the best way. Melodic and memorable, her songs make connections. The singer/songwriter/pianist, a native of Louisville, Ky., has been playing piano since age seven. She moved to higher ground in 2004, and has been a popular act in the Western N.C. area for more than 15 years. Music has always been part of her life, from a youthful obsession with musicals, to improvisational and classical piano study. Morrison is known for melodically strong songs with personal lyrics, ranging from the deeply emotional to the slightly silly. Her EP "Carolina Blonde" was released in 2013 and produced by the late Terry Wetton. Her album "Miles and Miles" was produced by Chris Rosser, of award-winning ensemble Free Planet Radio, released in 2017. Her EP "The Neverwhere Sisters," produced by Andrew Thelston and Daniel Nisbet, featuring cellist JamieLeighBennett, was released in 2021. Morrison is currently working on two new recording projects, to be released in 2024. She has had airplay on WTZQ and WNCW, and enjoys collaborations with several local artists onstage and in the studio. She performs solo, in duos with Thelston and Bennett (occasionally with them in a trio), and also is a vocalist and keyboardist in The Andrew Thelston Band. Morrison is a teacher of Exceptional Children and English at a local high school. She is married to Mike, the love of her life, her champion, and best roadie. 


Dig deeper into Carrie's music on the WNC Original Music podcast, hosted by Ron Taylor. Ron interviews Carrie and features live performances as she is supported by trio partners and incredible musicians Andrew Thelston and JamieLeigh Bennett: https://www.podbean.com/pu/pbblog-avwmq-2a5189

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“Carrie Morrison is a local singer/songwriter who has made a name for herself as a writer of beautiful, melodic songs that touch her audiences. Her soulful voice and piano playing have made her a local favorite.”  - Terry Wetton - WTZQ 95.3 FM 

"...Louisville, Ky. native Carrie Morrison delighted a crowd of about 30 with her resonant vocals and keyboard play. Her pop-folk songs included from her latest CD, Carolina Blonde, produced by Wetton. ... Patrons were impressed with her passionate vocals and clever lyrics."  - The Hendersonville Tribune 

House Concert testimonial: “We scheduled a Friday evening and invited 25 of our neighbors and friends to join us on our deck. It was a delightful evening in every respect. Carrie was in her usual great form, singing her marvelous ballads, tickling the keyboard ivories in her relaxed style, and adding to the charm of the music by sharing many of the events and people which had inspired her compositions. We fully plan to repeat this wonderful experience.”  - Sarah and Bruce J.