The Neverwhere Sisters

Carrie Morrison

Four songs that combine sweet symphonics, angelic vocals, and rocking out. Produced by Andrew Thelston and Daniel Nisbet, feat. cellist JamieLeigh Bennett,

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Carolina Blonde

Carrie Morrison

Personal, pithy lyrics, melodies that "stick" - Carrie's songwriting opens its heart to you.

Born and raised in Louisville, Ky., Carrie has been playing piano since age 7. She moved to the "higher ground" of western North Carolina in 2004, and has been a denizen of local clubs and unique, unexpected venues in and around Hendersonville, N.C. Music has always been part of her life, from improvisational and classical piano study, to choirs and musicals, to the occasional odd stint as a wedding singer. Once determined to become a Broadway musical composer, Carrie has written her own songs since she was a teenager. Her former addiction to musicals and admiration of modern piano sirens such as Sarah McLachlan and Tori Amos have given way to songs that are melodically strong with personal, smart, sometimes whimsical lyrics. She performed regularly with the righteously harmonious quartet, The Naughty Pillows, and has recorded albums with western NC musicians and producers. Carrie has collaborated with several local artists and projects, including Rob Curtis's MoonPrize albums "Brand New Crescent" and "This Ol' Dawg." Recordings include "Music from the Back Room" and "Journey of You," 2007 and 2008, produced by Steve Whiteside at Flat Rock Studio, "A Live One," produced by the late Tom Rogers, and "Carolina Blonde," produced by Terry Wetton of Hogrock Mountain Music in 2012.

"Carolina Blonde": Produced and mixed by Terry Wetton, Hogrock Mountain Music. Mastered by Nomatic, Inc. All songs copyright Carrie Morrison 2012. Gratitude: Terry, for patience, wisdom, expertise, and for believing in these songs. Tana and Jason Alfrey and Marian O'Neil, for creating harmonies and inspiring rhythm for "Raining in Carolina" and "Out of My Head." Rob Curtis, for initial production of "Colors" and fabulous Moonprize experience. Zabet Stewart, for album artwork and other immeasurable support. D-Daddy, for "Yellow Butterfly" - you are everywhere. To N.C.: The journey is ever upward ... and breathtaking.

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